8 design mistakes that can ruin your website

Throughout these years, much has been seen of those little mistakes that seem incredible ideas at first, but end in terrible catastrophes. You have to be very careful with those details to which we do not give so much importance, since they can become the reason why your users leave your site.

Here we leave you a list with the most common design mistakes that can ruin your website and how to avoid them.

  1. You use too many fonts

We understand that sometimes it is very difficult to resist (there are so many!). You can even upload yours. But you have to take into account that if you use more than three, you will be unprofessional in the eyes of a potential client.

We recommend to opt for a bold and a little more italic to make contrast and you can use them on different occasions. Make sure they are not too small and make it easy to read from any device.

Best practice: use two or three easy-to-read fonts aligned with your brand. Krea Agency can help you with that.

  1. You use too many Keywords

We already know that you know what SEO means and how much it matters in your relationship with search engines. In fact, you even choose the keywords that best go with your business and repeat them over and over again on your site.

That is why using your keywords too is a normal but dangerous mistake: Google understands and reads everything, so if your web page appears to be a trap, your position in the results will drastically decrease.

Best Practice: Use your keywords naturally and make sure that Google understands who you write is a human being. If your readers like what you write, Google will also like it.

  1. You have too many CTAs

Yes, you have to know how important call-to-action buttons are for your visitors to react or do something. But there is a psychological factor: the more orders we make, the fewer actions we complete.

So it’s important that you be consistent with what you would like your users to do Choose wisely! Make sure it’s easy for them to complete the action.

Best practice: choose an order, clear and concise. Keep it throughout your entire site and make it complete so that you don’t have to make too many clicks.

4.Your website has music

We know that you want to get the attention of your visits to the first second that come to your site A great idea! However, putting rock on your home page is not always the best idea.

Even if you are a musician having music that sounds automatically can be quite uncomfortable for your visits. Imagine that they are at work, on public transport or with someone sleeping next door.

Best practice: if you want them to listen to your music, invite them to play.


  1. You are using low quality images

It is important to display your true colors on your website. And with this we refer to your professionalism.

Your images are a giant part of your website and have a lot of influence on how your visitors will see your business from now on. If you can hire a professional photographer, it will be incredible.

Best practice: use authentic images that look professional. Yes, you will have to invest some time and even a little money, but it will be worth it.


  1. You have a wide web page

While you know that fashion is to make long scrolling web pages. You wanted to be creative and get out of the rule and try to create a horizontal web page. While it may have sounded like an incredible idea, for your visits it will be very inconvenient to visit you.

Best practice: you can use the scrolling on your website, but never horizontally.


  1. You have interactive messages for all your site

Everything is incredible, but it is important that some things use them in moderation. While the interactive messages are incredible to help your visitors follow you on Facebook, subscribe to your newsletter or buy your sales, caution! Having too many of them can be a bad idea. If you think that way you will be attracting more people to your business, we are sorry to tell you that you will be doing the opposite.

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